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The ethical deceptions artists make: What is at stake when artists working with audiences, communities and other participants blur fact and fiction?

Supervisor: Brian Lobel | University: Rose Bruford College

This research report seeks to understand how artists use ‘deception’ in their work, the ethical considerations they engage with, and (to a lesser degree) the impact of their decisions. The report can be divided into two. The first three chapters examine the demand for artists to act ethically and investigate some key concepts that relate to artistic deception. The intention here is to develop a subject-specific vocabulary that can inflect the reading of the second three chapters, which introduce and present five interviews with individual or collaborating artists, thinking through the implications of artistic deception, especially in the context of artist leadership. Research is presented without a protracted analysis. Preliminary interpretations are offered but the emphasis is on laying out the research findings. The report is a first step in what is conceived as a more developed inquiry over the coming years, both in and alongside arts practice.

AHRC Subjects Community Art Policy Arts Management and Creative Industries

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