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About us Our Approach

Our Approach: Nurturing and Empowering Creative Leaders

At Clore Leadership, our approach to developing creative leaders in the arts, culture, and creative sectors is rooted in the belief that everyone has the potential to lead and make a difference. We focus on fostering an inclusive, engaging, and supportive environment where individuals can grow and thrive. Our approach is guided by three key principles:

Two people at the Re-UP! launch taking part in a weaving session

Personalised and Holistic Development

We recognise that each individual’s leadership journey is unique, and our programs are designed to cater to diverse needs, backgrounds, and aspirations. We provide a range of tailored offerings, including Fellowships, intensive courses, online learning,  seminars, webinars, and conferences.. By addressing different aspects of leadership, from self-awareness and personal growth to vision and strategic thinking, we ensure a holistic approach to leadership development.

Embracing Diversity and Inclusivity

Our commitment to diversity and inclusivity is central to our approach. We believe that a broad range of perspectives and experiences enriches our collective understanding and fosters innovation. By creating an inclusive environment where everyone feels valued, we empower individuals to learn from each other and challenge for effective enhancements to current provision.

Encouraging Lifelong Learning and Growth

We view leadership development as an ongoing journey, and our approach emphasises the importance of continuous learning and growth. Through thought leadership, research, and provocation pieces, we strive to stay at the forefront of leadership knowledge and inspire participants to keep evolving in their understanding of leadership. By fostering a culture of inquiry and challenge, we encourage individuals to adapt, innovate, and respond to the ever-changing arts, culture, and creative sectors.

By combining personalised development, diversity and inclusivity, and lifelong learning, our approach at Clore Leadership empowers individuals to unlock their full leadership potential and make a lasting impact on the cultural landscape. Join us as we work together to create a society enriched by arts, culture, and creativity.

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It’s been quite the journey since my Clore experience and every day I reflect back on the amazing and challenging time I had. I will be forever indebted to you and Clore for helping me believe in myself again and for opening doors to possibilities that seemed beyond my grasp.

Suzie Cross, Clore Fellow 2018-19


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