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Leading From Who You Are

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  • 14 Jun 2023

Emma Haughton and Prince Taylor

We believe that we can all be leaders and that we are at our most impactful when we lead from who we are. Rather than looking outside for leadership traits to bolt on to ourselves, this one day session is an invitation to spend some time looking inside, to get to know ourselves better and to see more clearly how our uniqueness informs both who we are and how we are as leaders. When we step into our authentic self it is from this place that our true potential can emerge.  

And, we all exist in context, so as well as space for introspection we will invite you to spend time reflecting on the world in which your leadership exists, how this impacts you, what calls you. 

The session will draw from your own individual experience and unique lens on the world. You’ll have an opportunity to work with a live issue and to reflect on your own cultural or artistic practice, with your peers.