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Leading with Compassion

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  • 29 Apr 2022

A one-day workshop creating a safe space for leaders to reflect, restore and replenish. Cultural leadership has always been challenging. But now, a combination of factors are placing sometimes intolerable loads on leaders of cultural organisations. The climate crisis, Covid, culture wars, Brexit, the aftermath of the George Floyd murder and Black Lives Matter, rampant social media, a febrile political atmosphere, financial cuts, governance tensions and the threat of organisational failure – all these, and more, come together to create a highly stressful environment in which cultural leaders have to operate and, somehow, still create positive visions for their activities/organisations. Some leaders have begun to talk about the joy and passion being eroded from their work. Classic cultural leadership development places a focus on driving positive change. In the current climate, that’s quite a tall order and assumes leaders will be strong enough to cope. Leading with Compassion seeks ways to explore issues of self-care at this time of challenge – to help build/refresh dynamic pathways for emotional and interpersonal resilience. Leading with Compassion will be led by highly respected and experienced cultural leaders Michael Day and Anne Murch.


09:45 – breakfast and introductions

10:30 – 16:45/50 – programme content (with appropriate breaks included)

16:50 – 18:00 – refreshments

Core explorations will include:

• Remembering the passion
• Challenges of contemporary cultural leadership
• Connecting for support
• Personal energy and personal strategies

The pilot is being offered to Clore Fellows only and we are seeking participants from a range of sectors and experiences to benefit from the programme, and also support us in refining the methodology. Your engagement and feedback will help us consolidate this priority intervention for the sector at large. We anticipate a strong demand for these limited places. To secure a place, please complete the short application form by noon on Monday 14 March 2022.

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