Emerging Futures Poem

This poem was written and presented live on the day of the  Clore Leadership Emerging Futures conference in Manchester.  Please note it is not a polished commission from Ella Otowemo.

Re-up, revive, regain.
On the days when you have been knocked sideways,
when that which is damaged seems to seep in and flood the boat,
when the journey feels treacherous,
Re-up, revive, regain.

When this precarious boat we are all in
is dashed by the waves,
and your skin feels thin,
when all eyes look to you
as your minds spins,
and it’s like you can’t win …
Look within
There is a deeper wisdom that grounds you to
Re-up, revive, regain.

When you know deep down
that the beacon you hold,
and those stories untold
are worthy.
When you know that your vision is bold,
That within your cracks is the gold,
That is the sign to
Re-up, revive, regain.

When you are fuelled by passion,
by that creative, collective energy,
when you are navigating your way to compassion,
know that you are moving through uncharted waters.
The path to care is a detour.
There’s no quick cure.
It is a constant reimagining of how to work, live, and commune creatively.
You might have to leave your Britishness behind,
And as its replacement,
Find your vulnerability
your fluidity,
It could feel exposing or confronting to
Re-up, to revive, to regain.

When you know the costs that come with the gifts.
When yours are the hands pushing for this shift
My hope for you is of kinship,
It is your instinct,
It is trusting your gut.
Daunting steps taken elegantly
To re-up, to revive, to regain.

Pick up your worthiness from within
Care from the ground up, then begin.
It is care that will protect the collective magic you create.
Releasing the weight of the past.
Releasing the tension from our bodies,
Releasing the shame.
Re-up, revive, regain.