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Re-UP! Late

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  • 13 May 2022

Re-UP! will launch with an evening late-style event that will offer participants a chance to sample a taster of the Re-UP! programme.

About Re-UP!

Re-UP! is for Black, Asian and ethnically diverse leaders to explore Restorative Leadership, sharing practices of support, care and communion. ‘Re-up’ is a Black British saying meaning to revive and regain energy. The focus on restorative care is key after a depleting two years and for those professionals whose minoritised positions makes the day-to-day job extra burdensome. Rather than focus on strategies, Re-UP! will help leaders prepare their whole selves for a world in dramatic flux paying particular attention to their minds, bodies, care systems and creative souls.

About the event:

Re-UP! Late
May 13th 7-10pm
Wellcome Collection

Re-UP! will launch with an evening late-style event that will offer participants a chance to sample a taster of the forthcoming Re-UP! programme of sessions. This informative, lively, experiential event will feature “Reasoning” talks, taster workshops, embodiment and creative mindful exercises, Kinship conversations, food, and music in a pop-up environment. Amongst other activities, experience how to grow your mindset with Mel Larsen, think in pairs with Annette Corbett, explore embodied practices with David Kam, be soothed by artist Nikki Sheth’s soundscapes and find out how Teanne Andrews planted new seeds through self-compassion. Restore, reconnect and recharge while experiencing what Re-UP! has to offer.

This is now sold out but sign up to our mailing list to hear about future programmes.

Please note that this event is exclusively for Black, Asian and ethnically diverse arts and cultural professionals.

Re-UP! forms part of the Clore Leadership’s Brilliant Routes programme and is open on a first-come first-served basis to those who join the Brilliant Routes mailing list. Re-UP! will also support Arts Council England POC Resilience Group, BFI Race Equality Network Steering Group and Wellcome Collection employees, offering participants a chance to network across the breadth of the cultural sector.

Re-UP! is a The Space To Come production conceived and directed by artist/curator/facilitator Gaylene Gould and co-programmed and produced by Zaynab Bunsie with advisory support from leadership strategist Thanh Sinden.

Find out more about Re-UP! and what’s to come here.

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