Brilliant Routes

Clore Leadership is pleased to be working with Clore Fellow Gaylene Gould to curate Brilliant Routes, a strand of programming focused on supporting Black Asian and Ethnically Diverse leaders and addressing issues of progression and retention.

Brilliant Routes forms a key part of Clore Leadership's Inclusive Leadership delivery for Arts Council England’s Transforming Leadership programme, which prioritises activities to address existing gaps in diversity in the leadership of culture.

Brilliant Routes will pilot and test different ways to combat the issue of Black Asian and Ethnically Diverse leadership progression using a variety of formats to address issues of influence, kinship building, thought-leadership, self-compassion and career expansion.

The programme is running from October 2020 to March 2022 and includes:

  • Monthly Sessions – sessions that share learnings from Black, Asian and Ethnically Diverse leaders on areas specific to the needs of leaders of colour. Kinship Building, How to Influence from the Inside to How to Commit Radical Acts of Culture Change are some of the exploratory topics.
  • Kinship Circles will be created for Black Asian and Ethnically Diverse leaders at various levels to offer ongoing peer-peer support.
  • Pass It On Mentoring space will connect and provide support for intergenerational leaders. 
  • Learning Zone – a curated space for writings and reflections on the programme and the wider conversation on the job of culture change. A specially commissioned Brilliant Routes podcast will feature in-conversations, strategies and discussions.

While Brilliant Routes is designed as a restorative space for Black Asian and Ethnically Diverse leaders, we know these leaders will not flourish until there is a cultural environment expansive and permissive enough for them. The programme will connect in with other programmes and agencies to help activate wider reform. 

Please find information on our past and upcoming events below. If you would like to be added to the mailing list sign up here.

Feedback from previous participants

"I just love the whole programme, it's so inspiring and uplifting. The speakers are really high level and there is an atmosphere of support and trust."

"It was a space where I did not have to explain myself, even before a word had been said. That in itself was a weight lifted - for there to be space in being present without presenting a falsehood."

"For the first time in my 25 year career these talks and break out rooms have created a safe and supportive space for me to reflect and take direct action. They have given me strength. Thank you so much"