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Clore Leadership is pleased to be working with Clore Fellow Gaylene Gould to curate Brilliant Routes, a strand of programming focused on supporting Black Asian and Ethnically Diverse leaders and addressing issues of progression and retention.

The Brilliant Routes programme is a supportive space for Black, Asian and Ethnically Diverse cultural leaders addressing issues of progression and retention in the cultural sector.

Brilliant Routes forms a key part of Clore Leadership's Inclusive Leadership delivery for Arts Council England’s Transforming Leadership programme, which prioritises activities to address existing gaps in diversity in the leadership of culture.

For the past two years The Space To Come, a company founded by Clore Fellow Gaylene Gould,  has curated a programme of monthly sessions addressing areas of influence, kinship building, thought-leadership, self-compassion and career expansion and building the Brilliant Routes network. This year, The Space to Come presents Re-UP! a new offer for the Clore Leadership’s Brilliant Routes network and also Arts Council England’s POC Resilience Group, BFI Race Equality Network Steering Group and Wellcome Collection employees offering participants a chance to network across the breadth of the cultural sector.  


Re-UP! is for Black, Asian and ethnically diverse leaders to explore Restorative Leadership, sharing practices of support, care and communion. 'Re-up' is a Black British saying meaning to revive and regain energy. The focus on restorative care is key after a depleting two years and for those professionals whose minoritised positions makes the day-to-day job extra burdensome. Rather than focus on strategies, Re-UP! will help leaders prepare their whole selves for a world in dramatic flux  paying particular attention to their minds, bodies, care systems and creative souls.

Workshops, "Reasoning" talks, Kinship Circles and embodied and creative activities will offer Black, Asian and ethnically divese cultural professionals  a chance to refill while deepening their capacity to sustain a healthy professional life.

ReUP! The Art of the Recharge: Sept 22- March 23

  • Kinship Circles: September 2022 - March 2023 Online: Kinship Circles are Action Learning and Thinking Environment sessions that offer people the chance to explore their own questions with the help of the hive mind. First, a qualified facilitator will share Action Learning and Thinking Environment tools with the group, before the group has a chance to practise peer-learning exercises.
  • Re-UP! SESSIONS: October 2022 - February 2023 - Online: These creatively structured half day events will explore three key areas: Care, Mind and Body. Each half day session will include a mix of Reasonings, or a group conversation, with contributions from invited guests. There will then be an opportunity to experience a practical workshop by leading facilitators. Throughout there will be opportunities to share and connect with others as well participate in short artist-led exercises that help us tap into our creative intuition.

How to Get Involved

APPLICATIONS ARE NOT CURRENTLY OPEN - But you can sign up below to be the first to hear about the next sessions

Re-UP! is open, on a first-come first-served basis, to Black, Asian and ethnically diverse cultural professionals who simply join the Brilliant Routes mailing list.  Once joined, you will also receive the full programme update, with further information on how to apply. See you there!

Already signed up? Get in touch for the full programme and how to apply.

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Previous Brilliant Routes events

Feedback from previous participants

"I just love the whole programme, it's so inspiring and uplifting. The speakers are really high level and there is an atmosphere of support and trust."

"It was a space where I did not have to explain myself, even before a word had been said. That in itself was a weight lifted - for there to be space in being present without presenting a falsehood."

"For the first time in my 25 year career these talks and break out rooms have created a safe and supportive space for me to reflect and take direct action. They have given me strength. Thank you so much"