Developing inclusive leadership practice

Inclusive Cultures is a comprehensive six-month professional development programme designed for cultural leaders seeking to enhance and expand their approach to inclusive culture-making and transformation. 

Programme Details

Inclusive Cultures Includes:

The programme consists of four morning seminars exploring the following topics:

  • The latest research on shaping fearless, psychologically safe, and caring practices for individuals, organisations, and projects.
  • The Social Model as a tool for understanding ableism/disablism, its colonial roots, and implications.
  • Spaces, places, and intersectional perspectives, including hierarchies of need, power dynamics, and sharing, caring, and distribution of power.
  • Solutions presented by our 30 leaders, shaping a dynamic and inclusive leadership framework for the future.

Additionally, the programme includes four afternoon small-group action learning/coaching sessions, where participants engage with a coach to delve into the seminar content, employ action learning methodologies, explore solutions collectively, and activate their learning effectively.


This programme is open to a maximum of 30 individuals working in any area of the cultural sector. We’re looking for applicants who:

  • Are actively pursuing systemic change and seeking to achieve inclusivity within projects, organisations, or the cultural sector as a whole.
  • Have a willingness to reflect upon and share their insights, ideas and visions and to learn from others about ending ableism
  • Are fully committed to the programme
  • Ideally have 2-5 years of work experience.

Applicants will be asked to answer three questions that demonstrate their commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, as well as provide insights, ideas, and visions for ending ableism. They should also outline what they would like to work on during their time in the programme.

Costs & Funding

For the 2023 programme, the following fee bands will apply:

  • Large organisations (250+ employees): £175
  • Organisations up to 250 employees: £125
  • Freelancers: £75

If the programme cost is prohibitive, please reach out to the programme for support.

Applications are currently closed

This programme is currently closed. To receive more information about applying for this programme or others, including opening dates, sign up to our mailing list. For any questions related to Inclusive Cultures, please contact us [email protected]