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Embedding Care Framework

The Embedding Care in your Leadership Framework was created by Jo Verrent, Unlimited and Jo Hunter, CEO 64 Million Artists.

This grid is designed as a tool to support you when thinking about embedding care, inclusivity and a supportive environment at work. It is meant as a starting point to help you consider different aspects of working life and how you can approach these with a lens of inclusivity and support to ensure your teams are understood, cared for, happy and able to do their best work.

Some areas will feel more familiar to you and some will not be something you have thought about as much. All of that is fine. Also, some areas will be more relevant if you have a team or if you’re an independent practitioner. Just read through the grid and see what resonates with you.

We have added some examples to illustrate the areas on the grid to bring it to life, but you might have really different ideas. All of that is fine. If you’d like to find out more about what we do you can visit our websites to find out more:

Themes Inclusive Leadership Practice Practices of Self Care Qualities of Leadership