At Clore Leadership, we recognise the importance of maintaining an international perspective to nurture curiosity and stay abreast of cultural developments worldwide. 

Throughout the years, we have undertaken various initiatives to fulfil this objective. These include forging partnerships with esteemed organisations such as Hong Kong University and the British Council, hosting Chevening Fellows, and actively participating in conferences across the globe.

Through these endeavours, we have fostered robust relationships and fruitful collaborations with organisations globally, resulting in a broad network of cooperation and influence. Clore Fellows have also taken the lead in spearheading leadership development training programmes in the South Asian region and other parts of the world.

Programme Details

As the landscape of cultural leadership training continues to expand worldwide, it presents both new opportunities and challenges. Consequently, we are currently reassessing our priorities and exploring a dynamic pathway forward. To guide our direction, we are posing pertinent questions:

  • How does the UK position itself on the world stage, particularly considering the post-Brexit landscape?
  • What aspects do other countries value from the UK?
  • What are their expectations of the UK in the next five years?
  • Which regions exhibit active and receptive cultural engagement, and which areas present lower levels of engagement?

By addressing these fundamental questions, we aim to formulate a coherent and unified approach to international engagement in the future.

Applications are currently closed

This programme is currently closed. To receive more information about applying for this programme or others, including opening dates, sign up to our mailing list. For any questions related to International Partnerships, please contact us [email protected]