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Fresh Perspectives, New Horizons

2019 marks a new chapter for Clore Leadership.

The Suit - Choreography by Cathy Marston for Ballet Black. A male presenting black dancer on stage lifting a female presenting black dancer with another dancer looking on in the background.
The Suit – Choreography by Cathy Marston for Ballet Black, Photo by Bill Cooper

This opportunity sees us refreshing our programmes and activities, starting with a clear statement of our:

  • Vision: A society enriched by arts, culture and creativity
  • Purpose: To cultivate excellence and innovation in the leadership of culture
  • Values: Excellence, Inclusivity & Learning.

It underlines our commitment to high quality and impactful leadership, and illustrates our ambition as a dynamic and inclusive resources for leaders and aspiring leaders in the arts, culture and creative sectors.  

What’s new?

Our new website and brand underpin our work and our values.  We hope these resources encourage you to join our Conversations on Leadership, which we hope will stimulate thought leadership and fresh ideas through debate and challenge; get to know our incredible Network of leaders and draw upon their experience and expertise to support your aspirations. Consider taking part in the widening range of Programmes we have available to support your leadership journey – those you may know, such as our prestigious Fellowship and Courses and new priorities being developed in our Leadership Lab or with the Cultural Governance Alliance.

In the spirit of curiosity and with the desire to develop, we invite you to contribute to the conversation.

Take a look around.

We’re keen to hear your thoughts. If you have 10 minutes to spare, please do share your feedback on our new website here.

Why change?

We want to ensure our leadership offer delivers brilliantly the high quality experiences on which our reputation has been built – and leaps to the next level – epitomising creative, relevant and entrepreneurial leadership for the 21st Century.

Our aim is to inspire and equip leaders to have a positive impact on society through great leadership of culture. We hope that this brand refresh and our new website convey our values and reinforce our role as a resource for cultural leadership inquiry and learning.

Those who have taken part in a course or programme since our creation in 2003 can (and do) speak eloquently about the positive experiences they have had on a personal level. And in channelling that personal and professional change, their positive impact on society is amplified.

“My Clore Fellowship experience has been life-changing. As a result, I’ve rediscovered and re-purposed my passion for wanting to make a difference. I now work both nationally and internationally, striving to create a greater awareness within society of the intrinsic, social and economic value of our shared heritage as citizens of the world.”

Clore Fellow 2014

“Thank you for an extremely useful week, with so much information, ideas and skills to take with me. The speakers and facilitators were excellent. It is a privilege to be part of the Clore network.”

Emerging Leader 2018

As we take new steps forward, we invite you to move forward with us: explore new horizons, create fresh perspectives, and actively contribute to a society enriched by arts, culture and creativity.