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Discover Diaries: Svetlana Leu | Week Three

In partnership with our Clore Social, we’re delivering our pilot ‘Discover’ programme in Spring 2019: a four week online introduction to leadership. As part of this, we invited participants to keep ‘Discover Diaries’ – thoughts, insights and ‘notes to self’ about this new learning experience.

Svetlana Leu: Week Three

Due to a busy week at work, I was a bit behind on my reading and tasks for week 3 but combined with week 1, it might just be my favourite topic of the Discover Programme. I was looking forward to week 3, which focused on working with and through others, as I was keen to learn more about effective teamwork. The Stages of Team Development by Judith Stein was so informative as it outlined the various challenges that teams face on the path to success. It shared simple yet seemingly effective ways to overcome each obstacle in order to become a high-performing team.  

Supplemented with other resources on high-performing teams by Scott Keller and Mary Meaney along with the ‘missing team member’ task, this week offered much food for thought on how I could better support my team. It allowed me to reflect on what I could do differently to ensure that my team continues to be successful and perform well. I also considered new methods for collaboration and the sharing of ideas, as well as establishing a vision and ‘why’ for the team. 

I cannot believe we are now approaching our final week of the programme. I am a bit sad that it is already coming to an end but also excited to see how things will be wrapped up. I am looking forward to our last set of resources and tasks – I am sure the best would have been saved for last!

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By Svetlana Leu, Account Manager, SUTTON.

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