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Emerging Futures 2018: Lightning Talks

Clore Emerging Leadership offered attendees an opportunity to do their own 5 minute “Lightning Talks” on the main stage.

Euella Jackson and Jenny Cashman Wilson put themselves forward and each spoke about their experiences as young people in leadership positions.

Euella Jackson spoke about her involvement with Rife magazine; a magazine for 18-24 year olds made by 18-24 year olds, and OnBoard, a scheme that aims to get young people on the boards of top creative spaces. She highlighted the importance of having young people in leadership positions in cultural spaces to ensure they are innovative and inclusive.

“Young people are often seen as the target, or consumers, but by including us in the conversation we have the potential to radically shift our cities, our industries and even our technologies to be more innovative and inclusive and more, just successful and efficient – it just makes business sense sometimes.”

Jenny Cashman Wilson founded the Abram Wilson Foundation after the passing of her husband, celebrated jazz musician and music educator, Abram Wilson. The foundation supports kids to develop important life skills such as creativity and confidence through theatre, music and dance. Jenny talks about her journey from when her husband died to where she is today as the director of a successful charity. She sets out the steps she followed to help her gain the the success she has today.