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Looking for Leaders – The Attributes of a Leader

In selecting participants for our Programmes, we are not looking for perfectly formed leaders, but we are looking for people who aim to lead with…

  • Authenticity – they know themselves and are true to themselves, are self-aware, recognise their strengths and the gaps in their experience, and can identify clear personal and professional objectives for applying for a place on Clore Leadership.
  • Creativity – with the flexibility to think laterally, be innovate, solve problems and encourage change
  • Passion and ambition – not just for themselves but also for their work and for others, with purpose, motivation, determination and drive that they can communicate to others, both within and outside their organisation or specialism; are powerful advocates, politically astute and able to convey a convincing narrative
  • Courage and strategy – are optimistic and forward-looking, alert and entrepreneurial, with the ability to analyse complex information, assess risk, be resourceful and make choices – even when coping with ambiguity, uncertainty and complexity
  • An enquiring mind – a capacity to reflect and learn, with curiosity beyond their current specialism and an awareness of the wider context; they understand and are open to new business models and ways of working, and are competent and comfortable with technology
  • Integrity – they demonstrate honesty, generosity, humility and openness, and welcome diversity. They can build relationships, encourage collaboration and create the conditions for others to excel; they set high standards and have the ability to motivate and develop others; to form, value and give inspiration to a team
  • Practical skills – they translate vision into action, demonstrate proven achievement in their professional life, and are focused, realistic and self-motivated, leading delivery 

We will also be looking for the extra imaginative ‘spark’ that marks an outstanding potential leader. This should give us an indication that the individual will be able to initiate and innovate, to energise and inspire, as well as deliver.   If this is you our Programmes pages details all our programmes currently open to application. 

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