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Understanding the Audience: an analysis of the current users of Scottish archives

Supervisor: Michael Moss | University: Northumbria University

This research into the use of archives by teachers in Scotland demonstrates that there is a curriculum led need and a desire from teachers to use primary source material with their pupils. It also shows however that many teachers have no expertise in finding or using archives, find online access time-consuming and difficult, and many do not distinguish between archives and other primary sources held by libraries, museums and galleries. In the light of this evidence and current priorities, this report make recommendations as to what archivists need to do, including the need for further evidence-based research to enable archivists to really understand their users, what they want and how they find it, and to broaden their perspective on outreach, potentially collaborating with other cultural institutions to create ‘joined up’ learning opportunities, across both ‘real’ and ‘virtual’ platforms.

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