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World of Work Survey: Take Part and Have your Say

Clore Leadership, in collaboration with the Arts and Humanities Research Council and Metro Dynamics, is pleased to launch the World of Work Sector Survey.

This critical exploration of sector views is part of a programme of research delving into the evolving nature of work and leadership in the cultural domain post-pandemic. It will ask: How is the world of work changing? What are the needs of the cultural sector? What does this demand of cultural leaders?

The impact of Covid 19, financial constraints, eroded trust, new technology and changing workforce dynamics are increasingly impacting sector leaders, compelling Clore Leadership to instigate this significant enquiry. 

Whilst conscious that we need to canvas opinions and views from sector leaders, we are mindful that time is valuable and have consequently aimed to keep this survey as light-touch as possible – taking around 15 minutes to complete.  You can take part in the survey here. We are hugely grateful for all responses.

As well as a report into findings, responses to the survey will inform a wider programme of work seeking to understand and amplify the issues for cultural leadership. Learning will be published later in Spring 2024 as part of a wider sharing of proposals for how sector leadership might respond to the challenges it is facing.

Reaching a large and diverse group of leaders is essential to understanding how work and leadership in the sector is changing and the challenges that leaders are encountering. We are therefore seeking responses from people with experience of executive and/or board leadership at any career stage in the cultural sector.

The last 25 years have wrought significant changes in the world of work.  The covid-19 pandemic accelerated many trends to deliver years’ worth of gradual change in a matter of months – or, in the case of home working, a matter of moments. Post-pandemic we find ourselves in a working environment which, at large, we are still working out. We know that skills are evolving to meet new normals and there has been much consideration of demands of adaptation in the cultural sector. But, so far, there has been less focused consideration on leadership and management skills, and on how the working environment in which someone is leading influences the skills they need to deploy to deliver success. This is an opportunity for leaders across the cultural sector to pool their experiences and do some of that working out together

Fiona Tuck, Associate Director, Metro Dynamics

I urge leaders at all stages of the leadership journey to share your views and experiences of leadership now, by taking part in this survey.  We are keen to understand the real issues and challenges you face, so we can help drive genuine solutions, be responsive to sector needs, and provide the most effective CPD.  This is especially important in our 21st anniversary year, as we look ahead at the aspirations and priorities for leaders of the future

Hilary Carty, Director, Clore Leadership

Please take part and make sure your voice is heard.

The survey is part of a wider study of the World of Work, running across 2024.  This will include:

  • Leadership Now, a series of assemblies for cultural leaders, run in partnership with Arts Council England, to explore the complex and rapidly evolving world of work. The assemblies aspire to empower leaders to instigate collaborative solutions, and foster a more connected, resilient, and thriving cultural leadership.
  • Imagine it Different will gather the sector together with key stakeholders, to build on the Leadership Now assemblies and research, exploring current systems, approaches and opportunities to envision enhanced or alternative paths for arts, culture and heritage working practices

You can also still apply to attend one of our online Leadership Now assemblies here.

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