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Lead On: Governance

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What are those issues, I’ve been pondering?  Are they universal to us all, or do the specifics of sector, geography, resources or mission bring different resonances and impact?  The world of politics throws up deep uncertainties; so much of the economy appears fragile; and societal and technological evolutions are rapid and persistent. Where best to anchor our ambitions? We are all seeking ‘resilience’ but where does that search take the independent artist, the organisational leader, or the sector activist?  Is there common ground?  And what leadership navigation tools will help us find it?
With our ambition to strengthen the leadership of culture, these questions are at the core of our thinking at Clore Leadership. We want to ensure we are embracing the most pertinent issues, questioning current norms and creating the next paradigm – it’s our business to be engaged, to stimulate, and to explore.

Engaging in leadership development is certainly not for the faint-hearted!  I am fortunate to have worked across professional development, cultural and organisational change for (well!) over the last decade, both within organisations and, more latterly, independently, operating on the outside to create positive impacts within. I’m stimulated to find that essential catalyst for change, which releases both individuals and organisations from who or where they have been, to what or where they can be – that dynamic kernel of professional insight, organisational know-how, and/or sector experience that disrupts and enhances in equal measure.  When we hit the ‘sweet-spot’ transformation begins!

Our sector is diverse and eclectic, it champions and applauds, it also ignites new passions and debunks the tried and tested; it dares to think differently and wriggles when tied down.  So transformation is not uniform, not universal.  And we need leaders, organisations and cultural activists who will respond well with this ambiguity; who will acknowledge a broad landscape, navigate with skill, and lead with courage. It’s values-based leadership, in form and in practice.

So Lead On invites you to walk alongside our ambitions and share in the debate.  It presents an opportunity to probe, ponder and discover, together.  Join us in this inquiry….

Today marks the start of Trustees Week which we mark with this governance-themed issue. We share our recent reports, we explore contemporary articles and offer opportunities to engage.  We are keen to create Lead On as a fresh space for dialogue and interaction.  Help us by sharing your views!

Have a beautiful Autumn,

Hilary Carty, Director, Clore Leadership

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