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Press Release: Clore Leadership appoints three new cultural leaders to its Board.

Clore Leadership appoints three cultural leaders to its Board, strengthening its commitment to engaging with and benefiting from the broadest range of perspectives and voices to inform its programmes.

A collage showing headshots of Daisy Hale, Catherine Holden and Dhikshana Pering
(l-r: Daisy Hale, Catherine Holden, Dhikshana Turakhia Pering)

Clore Leadership is delighted to welcome independent producer and Creative Director Daisy Hale, culture and heritage consultant Catherine Holden and learning and engagement specialist Dhikshana Turakhia Pering, to its Board this spring.

These new appointments underscore Clore Leadership’s commitment to cultivating excellence and innovation in the leadership of culture.  Joining the respected and dynamic Clore Leadership Board, they will work to ensure that we continue to deliver responsive and adaptive training and development. Against a background of continuous change, Catherine, Daisy and Dhikshana will help steer and support Clore Leadership to remain vigilant to key shifts in sector priorities, perspectives and practice, and respond creatively and effectively to the evolving needs of cultural leaders and aspiring leaders at this challenging time.

Moira Sinclair, Chair of Clore Leadership and Chief Executive, Paul Hamlyn Foundation, said:

“For Clore Leadership to remain dynamic and relevant, we need to make sure that we listen to voices from across the entire cultural sector in the design of our programmes, in identifying the issues that matter and in the decisions we take. So, we are privileged to have Catherine, Daisy and Dhikshana joining us as trustees. They will bring insight, wisdom, and excellent connections to our work, as well as a wonderful mix of support and challenge that they were able to demonstrate through the recruitment process. They are joining what is already a very engaged Board and I am looking forward to working with them.”

Daisy Hale, independent producer and Creative Director, The Hale said:

“In the wake of some of the greatest challenges the culture sector has faced recently and continues to face, it’s become even more apparent that we must broaden and challenge our preconceived models of what leadership looks like and that our processes of training leadership for those who have been historically ostracised from those positions innovates with it. Clore Leadership is at the forefront of leadership development in the culture sector and I feel a synergy with its ambition to consistently harness change for the benefit of our sector and listen to what leaders, at all career stages, need. I hope that with my own experience of alternative working models and ethos of care, plus grassroots networks and understanding of early and mid-career culture-sector workers I can offer Clore Leadership a voice that bridges many areas, and influences the ways in which leadership is discovered and harnessed with accessibility in its broadest sense at the centre.”

Catherine Holden, Culture and Heritage consultant said:

“I am delighted to be joining the Clore Leadership Board this spring. There has never been a more important time to find, stretch and support those very special people who have the will to build a better world through the arts. I have a huge personal commitment to the three Clore Leadership values of excellence, inclusivity and learning, and look forward to contributing to the team, the success of existing programming, and the development of new ideas and leaders from across the UK.”

Dhikshana Turakhia Pering, Head of Engagement & Skills, Somerset House, said:

“I am thrilled to join the Clore Leadership Board and be part of their brilliant work advocating to create representative leadership in the creative and cultural sector. Clore Leadership holds a space to support leaders navigating a world in flux, while they care for those they lead, care for themselves and are able to be their most authentic selves. Clore Leadership has been a big part of my career from learning spaces to being an alumni of the leadership programme. My career and the work I do in learning, engagement and developing inclusive talent programmes has undoubtedly been influenced by Clore Leadership in all its forms. I know that I will be able to support, advise and learn from my fellow trustees and the Clore Leadership team and am excited about being a part of the next phase of Clore Leadership’s journey.”

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