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A message on Covid-19 from Director, Hilary Carty

Covid-19 is changing the way we live work and see our lives.  Social distancing challenges the human interaction that is so intrinsic to our ways of being and doing – a touch, a hug, an embrace – to soothe, to support, to inspire… We are most definitely living in strange times.  And it really is not ‘business as usual’.  But we are finding ways through.

Our cultural sector is creative and generous.  We care and encourage and, now more than ever, our collective spirit is needed, to bridge the distances we are compelled to create.

At Clore Leadership we are working as creatively and as speedily as we can to both respond and innovate against this backdrop of uncertainty.  We are keen to support our network, associates, colleagues, partners, as well as the wider arts and culture sector, and are working through strategic and operational shifts to create fresh options for the time ahead. We know so many of our sector are small, independent businesses, rapidly remodelling and adjusting and, as a start, we are combing through our library of resources to share as much as possible on the issues of managing change and uncertainty.  We are also in active communication with those on our programmes at this time and are working, together with our stakeholders, to review, rethink and reimagine what is possible.

My warm thanks to the Clore Team for shifting so diligently and thoughtfully amidst our own process of change and to the Clore Leadership community, who despite your own challenges, are thoughtful enough to be in touch and ask after our welfare.  It is deeply humbling.  Thank you.

Like everyone, we have followed governmental advice and are working remotely.  We are creating the ‘new normal’ to sustain the collegiate spirit that supports both individual and collective endeavour.

We may not be able to stand side by side at the moment, but we can stand together and stay united.  We can remain collegiate and we can create community.  Let’s each do what we can and keep connected in spirit and in courage.

Hilary S. Carty

Director, Clore Leadership

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