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January 2024 Lead On – World of Work

A new year brings with it a new start and the opportunity to reflect. Hilary Carty looks forward to Clore Leadership’s 21st anniversary and the future of great cultural leadership.

Welcome to Lead On – the newsletter from Clore Leadership, which seeks to explore, stimulate and share perspectives on the issues currently impacting the leadership of culture.

January is here again… Too soon perhaps? It’s remarkable how quickly that timeout over the festive break can fade from memory and be swamped by the bold demands of a January full of newness and fresh obligation – oops ‘aspiration’ is what I’m sure I meant to say!

2024 sees Clore Leadership mark our 21st year – a moment to say thank you to the Clore Duffield Foundation, who’s vision for strengthened leadership charted new paths for cultural leadership learning two decades ago. And to Arts Council England and our hugely valued range of funders and partners, whose support is critical to achieving our impact and outcomes. We do appreciate your support. Our 2,600 strong alumni manifest the positive resonance of that investment across the cultural and creative industries, but what of the time ahead? How might we best shape up for the leadership challenges on the horizon? New January, New Year – a time for new aspirations and goals…

And so we begin 2024 with some critical questions about the World of Work today. What are the challenges both experienced and anticipated? What competences and skills are essential for leadership now?  How might we future-proof learning and development to underpin resilience and support a thriving cultural sector, against the backdrop of painfully changing and uncertain times?  These and other questions are being explored in a major new survey into the World of Work launched today, where we are seeking to get right under the skin of what’s going on in the cultural arena. We want to discuss and debate real problems, but perhaps more importantly, work together as a sector to co-create solutions, orchestrate change, and support each other through these volatile times.

So, if you’re able to, do put the kettle on, pull up a chair and please take a few moments to share your insights by taking a deep dive into what great leadership means and requires at this time.

If you’d like a more active engagement in supporting this review, do join our Leadership Now assemblies, developed in partnership with Arts Council England. We have limited spaces for the in-person events but do please register to attend the online assemblies on 9th February and 13th March 2024 where leaders will gather to debate, exchange and connect on both issues and actions for positive change.  

This review of the World of Work fortifies our aspiration to understand and be responsive to cultural leadership as it evolves over time.  We’re keen to refresh our priorities as we look forward from 21 years and anticipate the future for cultural leadership and cultural leaders.

Read on for news on

  • Our Clore Fellowship programme, as we search for a new cohort of leaders who demonstrate ambition, and are ready to make a step change in their leadership careers and tangibly impact the cultural sector. Applications are open until Thursday 8th February
  • The opportunity join our Board of Trustees and help steer Clore Leadership perspectives and priorities
  • The 2024 Cultural Governance Alliance Webinar Series, addressing key areas of support for the arts and cultural sectors

Whether you’re an aspiring leader at the start of your career, or an experienced leader navigating complexity, Clore Leadership strives to offer meaningful connection for learning and development. Another 21 years?

Hilary Carty, Executive Director, Clore Leadership

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