Structure and Content of Leadership Pulse

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Leadership Pulse Course Structure

Leadership Pulse spans a two-month period, giving participants precious time to reflect on their learning and practise new skills in between residential learning. The course consists of two five-day residential workshops with coaching and facilitated online sessions between modules giving participants the opportunity to continue conversations and work through individual and collective challenges.

Both modules are fully residential, run during the working week, with participants expected to attend throughout. Other than the first day of each module your typical day will start at 9.00am and finish no later than 7.00pm. We schedule regular breaks for reflection, recuperation and refreshment. We understand the value of networking with your group so any out-of-hours coursework is kept to a minimum.

All accommodation, meals and refreshments are provided.

Course Content is divided into three areas
  • Leading Yourself 

Content explores self-leadership and learning around your personal qualities such as values, drivers and authenticity. Through leadership profiling and facilitation you will start to build an understanding of leadership styles and value difference in approaches. 

  • Leading Others and Managing Resources 

Assessing context and managing resources are essential skills for cultural leaders today. Here content explores practical subjects including strategic business planning, financial management, building high performance teams, governance and inclusive leadership.

  • Leading Change 

Cultural leaders today are operating in a world with heightened uncertainty, volatility and complexity, so now more than ever the ability to navigate change is central to a leader’s role. This course looks at some of the skills and agility required to lead through uncertainty. 

Around your residentials there will be the opportunity to continue your learning with facilitated online small group conversations and coaching. These virtual connections enable you to continue the conversations and networks that you started during the residential and embed your learning.


My learning from the [course] is something I return to time and time again to spur me on. It made/makes a real difference to my career.
Course Participant
Our Approach to Leadership Development

We understand that people learn in different ways and the course design reflects this. It blends practical skills and tools, real-life examples and individual and group learning. There are also opportunities to listen to cultural leaders talk about their experiences of leadership, and what they have learned along the way. Sharing and learning from each other is strongly encouraged.

  • Our values of excellence, inclusivity and learning are at the core of our approach;
  • We strive to create a positive learning environment with spaces that are safe, open and inclusive and with your wellbeing considered throughout your course;
  • Participants are supported to learn from their peer group and from a diverse range of highly experienced leaders and trainers from across and beyond the cultural sector;
  • Life-long learning is key to self-leadership. With facilitated learning reviews throughout the course you are encouraged to cultivate a practice of regular reflection, enquiry, debate and action;
  • You will be supported to identify your strengths, your values and areas for further development.