Structure and Content of Leadership Pulse

Introduction by the Facilitators at the Course

Leadership Pulse spans a three-month period, giving participants precious time to reflect on their learning and practise new skills. It consists of three four day residential workshops with Virtual Action Learning and coaching between modules to give participants the opportunity to continue conversations and work through individual and collective challenges. Skilled and thoughtful facilitation throughout the course supports participants’ learning. Inspiring guest speakers also provide context and personal viewpoints on the leadership of culture. Course content is divided into three areas which are woven across each module.

Module One: Leading Yourself 

The focus for the first residential is self-leadership and an exploration of your personal qualities such as values, drivers and authenticity. Through leadership profiling and facilitation you will start to build an understanding of leadership styles and value difference in approaches. 

Module Two: Leading Others and Managing Resources 

Assessing context and managing resources are essential skills for cultural leaders today. This second residential explores practical subjects including Strategic Business Planning, Financial Management, Building High Performance Teams, Governance and Inclusive Leadership.

Module Three: Leading Change 

Working in an increasingly uncertain, volatile and complex world means that navigating change is central to a leader’s role. This residential develops some of the skills and agility required to lead through uncertainty. Subjects include Leading Personal, Team and Organisational Change; and Difficult Conversations.

Digital Learning Hub 

Between each residential there will be the opportunity to continue your learning with Virtual Action Learning sets and coaching. These virtual connections enable you to continue the conversations and networks that you started during the residential and embed your learning.

Each three hour virtual session will be hosted on Zoom (an online video conferencing platform) and facilitated by an experienced Action Learning facilitator.  The timing of these sessions will be determined during the first residential module.  There will be one final Action Learning session scheduled for after the final residential module.

Course Structure

The residential courses will run over the course of a working week. All three modules are fully residential and participants are expected to attend throughout. Other than the first day of each module learning will start at 9am and finish no later than 7pm. There are regular scheduled breaks for reflection, recuperation and refreshment. We appreciate the value of networking with the rest of the group so will keep any out-of-hours coursework to a minimum.

My learning from the [course] is something I return to time and time again to spur me on. It made/makes a real difference to my career.
Course Participant
Our Approach to Leadership Development

Leaders are change-makers. They look forwards and are not content with maintaining the status quo. By focussing on developing the individual, we develop unique, resilient leaders who are more deeply connected to their strengths, their peers, and to the sector and its place in society. There is no single one size fits all template for leading and leadership and we recognise that there are many different successful styles of leadership developed in a myriad of ways.

  • Participants learn from a diverse peer group and from the highly experienced leaders and trainers from across and beyond the cultural sector;
  • Our values of excellence, inclusivity and learning are at the core of our approach;
  • Life-long learning is key to self-leadership. You will be encouraged to cultivate a practice of regular debate and reflection, enquiry and action;
  • You will be supported to identify your strengths, your values and areas for further development, building upon your own way of leading currently and developing your capacity to lead well.