The Short Course from Freelancer Laura Drane's perspective

Toolkits and Testimonies

Laura Drane attended a Short Course in 2011.

Taking the decision to apply for and go on a Clore short course was a big one for me. I was a freelancer, a parent to a young child and pregnant with our second. I knew I badly needed some time out to think about work and my professional life but was concerned at the direct cost, the time investment and the lack of earned income whilst I was there. Because of unforeseen factors, I even ended up funding it myself! Yet it couldn’t have rewarded me more.

Since finishing I’ve been really well supported by a close network of peers from that fortnight, as well as using the wider Clore “family” to connect with people having moved cities to Cardiff. I felt it cemented for me who I am, what my skills are, areas that I wanted to develop, and how I wanted to move forward.

Since then, I have joined two boards, undertaken further professional development, and made several significant moves towards better aligning the balance between my work for clients and my own productions. I’d even venture that it’s helped me find new clients and contracts. I’ve highly recommended it to several people, both freelance and employed, since then and I will continue to do so.