Leadership Lab

The Clore 'Leadership Lab' is a conceptual laboratory ‘space’ for testing ideas, models and approaches. It encourages inquiry, experimentation and fresh thinking on the leadership agenda - a vital space for the curious of mind! 

Members of the Clore Leadership Team drive the experimentation with internal and external partners. Activities developed from the Leadership Lab in the recent past include:

On the horizon in the Leadership Lab:

  • Leadership Pulse (March - May 2019) - how best to create a modular programme for leadership learning, based on the successful Leadership Intensive?
  • Discover (March 2019, in partnership with Clore Social) - how might a purely digital course fit alongside our existing offers?
  • Digital leadership strategy
  • Provision for senior/established Leaders
  • Advancement and progression for individuals from diverse backgrounds
  • International strategy
  • Civic & place-based leadership

Ideas and activities succesfully tested in the lab refresh and renew our leadership learning offer.