Clore 2017/18 Fellows at their residential course

To be eligible for a Fellowship, you should:

  • Have an innovative approach, be open to learning and have the desire to develop as a cultural leader.
  • Be in a position to influence practice and/or policy and effect change in your organisation, sector and beyond, through your work as an artist or cultural professional.
  • Have significant experience of leading people, projects, organisations or practice either in a professionally paid or voluntary capacity in the cultural sector.
  • Be comfortable with managing budgets.
  • Demonstrate a deep commitment to, passion for and understanding of the cultural sector.
  • Meet the additional eligibility criteria for any specialist Fellowships applied for.
  • Have an understanding of the broader sector and wider context of culture.
  • Have a minimum of seven years’ experience of professional or voluntary practice, and be able to demonstrate aptitude for leading and effecting significant change through your work. The period of seven years does not need to be consecutive.
  • Highly qualified candidates from other sectors may be considered providing they demonstrate a deep commitment to culture and to playing a leading role within it.