Making Your Application Online

Clore 2016/17 Fellows at their Residential

If, for any reason, you need to make your application in a different format, e.g. offline or in British Sign Language (BSL), then please contact us. For instance, we may be able to provide support with costs for an interpreter to voiceover your filmed submission. Please let us know if you wish to make your application in a different way.


If you have never used it before, you will need to register an account. Please make sure that you read the instructions on the application website carefully and that you save the draft of each section as you complete it. Clicking the 'submit' button submits the relevant section to our system after which you can no longer edit that section. We recommend that you complete all the main sections and save a draft of each one, so that you can check them at the end before submitting them.

Your Nominator & Referees

You will need a nominator and two referees. Your nominator will be asked to complete a nomination form before you can submit your final application. Full details are provided in the online application form. The referees will not be contacted unless you are offered a Fellowship.

In both cases it is important to ask someone who knows you, who understands your leadership acumen and who can identify how the Fellowship will benefit you and the wider sector. Once you submit all sections and your nominator completes the nomination form, it will unlock a Monitoring Section that you need to complete before your submission is finalised. The Monitoring Section is not assessed.