Application and Selection

Clore 18/19 Fellows at their Residential Course
Fellowship Application and Selection

We are currently reviewing and refreshing the Clore Leadership programmes, combining our experience with innovation to meet the needs of 21st century leaders in the arts and culture sectors. As such we will not be taking applications for the Clore Fellowship Programme this autumn. To find out when applications open, please sign up to our mailing list

And if you want to keep leadership learning a priority, do check out our Leadership Perspectives which explore contemporary issues and debates from a range of angles.

We have one intake of approximately 25 Fellows per year.

Selection Process

We aim to select the very best leaders at the right moment in their career. The Fellowship is a considerable investment in each individual on behalf of our funders, so we want to make sure that it is exactly the right thing for you at this particular point in time. 

It is a competitive and rigorous process and we have taken every care to make the application and selection process as thorough, transparent and fair as possible.

Interview Stage

  • The interviews take place over a period of six weeks. The interview panel will always contain some staff members from the Clore Leadership; usually the Director and Fellowship Manager; and some external panellists including funders and sector leaders.
  • The panel discuss each interview in detail on the day and put forward recommendations to the Fellowship Selection Committee.
  • The Committee then puts forward its recommendations to the Board of Clore Leadership who make the final selection of Clore Fellows.
  • The Director and Fellowship Manager offer feedback by phone to all unsuccessful candidates who have attended an interview.

We regularly revisit the application process and seek feedback from external assessment specialists. It is the policy of the Clore Leadership that any interests in, or connections with particular cultural institutions held by members of the Board and staff are declared, and where a conflict of interest is or may be perceived, those individuals take no part in any decisions relating to those organisations or their employees. 

We ensure a diverse group of experienced leaders are involved across our assessment and selection process. This includes leaders who are BAME and/or disabled and/or those with protected characteristics under the Equality Act 2010. Assessors understand our ambitions around equality, diversity and inclusion.

Application Assessment Stage

  • Each written application is initially assessed anonymously by two independent assessors using both scores and comments. They include a diverse range of experienced professionals from the culture sector as well as alumni of the programme.
  • Assessors make a recommendation as to whether the applicants should be shortlisted for interview. If their opinions are not in sync or their scoring of the applicant is very different, a third moderator will assess the application.
  • The interview shortlist is then decided by our Fellowship Selection Committee made up of the Director, Fellowship Manager and Trustees of the Clore Leadership Programme. 
  • The average rate of applications to places available is around 10 to 1.
  • As the written applications are assessed independently and by a range of contributors it is not possible to feedback at this stage to individual applicants.
  • If you are selected for interview and are not awarded a Fellowship we will offer feedback from the interview.


For me the Fellowship has been life changing in many ways. It has changed my pace, addressed my frustrations and given me both confidence and a sense of value. My leadership is now focused, determined and strategic.
Karen O'Neill
Clore Fellow 17/18