Before you apply

Dundee Contemporary, Photo by Erica Stevenson
Check your Eligibility

Carefully read all the Emerging Leaders information to see if it’s the right fit for you and whether you are eligible to apply. If in any doubt, please contact the courses team at to confirm you are eligible.

Check your Availability

Attendance at all the residentials is essential so check your availability for the course dates. If you work for an organisation, you’ll need to talk to your employer about taking the time out for your residential courses. 

Find a Nominator

You will need to find a nominator who will support your application. Your Nomination is an assessed part of the application process, so it is important to select your Nominator carefully. We advise applicants to select someone who knows you well, can comment on your leadership potential and how you might develop further. Make sure they will have the time to complete a nomination form before the application deadline.

Making Your Application Online

If you have never used our applications system before you will need to register an account. Please make sure that you read the instructions on the application website carefully and that you save a draft of each section as you complete it. Clicking the 'submit' button submits the relevant section to our system after which you can no longer edit that section.  If you think you may need to complete your application in a different way, please refer to our section on Alternative Formats for Applications.

You will be asked to submit:
  • Short written responses to questions on your leadership experience and ambitions
  • Information about your professional experience
  • A nomination form which will need to be completed by your Nominator
Monitoring Section

Once you submit all sections and your Nominator completes the nomination form, it will unlock a Monitoring Section that you need to complete before your submission is finalised. 

The Monitoring Section helps us to know who we are reaching with our programmes but is not assessed or visible to assessors.

Selection Process

Alternative Formats for Applications

If, for any reason, you need to make your application in a different format e.g. offline or explained in British Sign Language (BSL) through an interpreter, then please contact us. If you require assistance in this or completing the application form, don’t hesitate to let us know.

  • Twenty four places are available on each course. 
  • The quality of your application is of course considered in determining our final decision. 
  • When selecting we aim to create a balanced cohort reflecting the broadest range of backgrounds, lived experiences, geography and area of work. 
  • Applications are assessed anonymously. 
  • We will normally only have one participant from any one organisation on a single course. However, on occasion we may take up to two participants from the same organisation, as long as that organisation has more than 200 employees and the two participants do not work closely together. 
  • We will notify all candidates of our decision whether they are successful or not by the deadline given. Unfortunately, due to the high number of applications, we are unable to provide feedback should your application be unsuccessful. 
  • Approval of the selected candidates is made by the Executive Director and Head of Programmes of the Clore Leadership Programme, whose decision is final.


Tips for Writing a Great Application

Over the years we have read thousands of applications. We have put together a few tips you might want to consider to help strengthen your application.