Structure and content of Discover: Your Leadership

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Programme Information

Course Detail

  • 2-4 hours/week
  • All levels of experience
  • £50 + VAT

Course Features

  • 4-week course
  • Exclusively online
  • Self-paced learning
  • Peer networks
More about the programme

Good leadership is a prerequisite for true, tangible change. 21st century arts and cultural sector challenges require leaders who can meet the challenges of a changing world. The Discover: Your Leadership Programme helps you gain clear insight into who you are as a leader, where your strengths lie and how you might develop going forwards. You’ll get the opportunity to reflect on your own experiences and skills and contextualise them using a variety of accessible tools and techniques.

Build relevant and effective leadership skills
Develop the leadership capabilities needed to tackle 21st Century leadership challenges.

Learn to lead with confidence
Boost your confidence in your leadership abilities and learn to confidently navigate complexity, uncertainty, and change.

Increase self-awareness
Become more effective in your leadership role, learning how to enable high-performance within your teams.

Receive peer-to-peer support
Through live classrooms and online communication platforms, you will gain access to a peer group of cultural sector leaders who will support and challenge you to develop even further.

Create a Leadership Development Plan
Build an actionable Leadership Development Plan to help you continue your leadership journey.

Join an online community of changemakers
Become a member of our online community to connect and collaborate with changemakers across the arts and culture sector.

What will I learn?

The programme learning will be guided by Clore Leadership’s Leadership Capabilities Framework and Leadership Development Model (both below). Using our Leadership Capabilities Framework you will be guided to develop inspirational, empowering, courageous, focused, passionate and generous leadership capabilities - qualities essential to any effective leader.

You will learn how and what these skills and behaviours look like in action, where your strengths and areas of improvement lie, and how you can develop and encourage them in yourselves and others.

Know Yourself, Be Yourself, Look After Yourself

Leadership development must start with self-awareness. The most successful leaders critically assess their strengths, weaknesses, motivations and values. Leadership is tough, so it is also important to build physical and emotional resilience, and look after their own well-being so they can respond effectively to leadership challenges.

Leadership Capabilities Framework

Being a leader requires certain capabilities. The Leadership Capabilities Framework outlines the attributes, behaviours and skills required for successful cultural sector leadership. The Capabilities Framework illustrates how and what these skills and behaviours look like in action. Having a framework enables leaders to reflect and assess their current skills. It empowers them to identify leadership gaps and plan their personal and professional development.

Programme Outline


  • Know Yourself, Be Yourself, Look After Yourself

Week one is about developing a clearer understanding of your leadership style through personal reflection. It is focused on reviewing the personal qualities that cultural sector leaders have and how they’re demonstrated, providing a great opportunity to increase self awareness.


  • Assessing Context

Week two is all about taking a step back and asking yourself "why?". Why do you do what you do? Why does your organisation exist? Diving deeper into these two fundamental questions, we'll investigate the importance of assessing and understanding context for leaders.


  • Working With and Through Others

None of us exist or succeed in isolation. In week three we’ll look at how you work with and through others. We'll challenge you to look at how your teams currently work and help you understand how your leadership can impact the team.


  • Take Action

Week four consolidates the learning from the last three weeks and helps you chart the next steps in your leadership development. This final week you will gather your insights and create an actionable Leadership Development Plan to help you continue your leadership journey. 

How you'll learn

The journey
Designed to fit around and complement your day-to-day work, the programme is structured over four weeks, each week containing a practical and reflective task for you to complete before the end of the week, focusing on a core component of social leadership.

Tasks won't be assessed, but we strongly recommend completing them to solidify learning.

Time commitment
To get the most out of your learning, we recommend allocating around 2-4 hours a week on the course and interacting with your peers on the course as much as possible!

Live Classrooms (online)
During the programme, there are two live seminars (second and fourth Thursdays, 12:30 - 13:30 GMT) where you and your cohort will discuss the issues you've been working on.