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Clore Leadership Programme



What Participants Say about the Short Course


“The Clore Leadership Short Course is the gold-standard of leadership development in the Arts” 
Short Course Participant 2015

Some Comments from Participants in recent Clore Short Courses:

“A strikingly clear drilling down into what it is to lead and communicate, an opportunity to interrogate my values, and an understanding of how I might help our company move forward in conversation with a changing world. The course is brilliantly structured, it’s clear that the relationship between consecutive sessions, and the journey of the individual through the fortnight, has been carefully thought out. I noticed in the middle of the second week that I felt relaxed in a way I feel I haven’t been for some time. It’s a cliché as an image, but I did literally feel like a weight had been taken from my shoulders. The techniques that we got to practice in the room gave me confidence that I might just be able to guide our company through coming change effectively and compassionately. And! I met 25 really extraordinary individuals, who I am excited to know and who I feel I can depend on as we all move forward. I loved it. I miss it. I know it’s going to be endlessly useful moving forward.”

“Thank you and the Clore team for such a brilliant two weeks, it is absolutely the best experience in my professional career to date and I’m urging all my colleagues and cultural friends to apply.”

“This course, although beautifully constructed, is so much more than the sum of its parts. Bringing large and small organisations, artists, freelancers and people from funding bodies together creates a mood for action and in these under-funded days, creates informal collaborations, and provides the skills to make change happen.” 

“My learning from the Short Course is something I return to time and time again to spur me on. It made/makes a real difference to my career. 

“This is the best ‘training’ I’ve had within my 32 year career and the closest thing I’ve experienced to creative practice in a long time.” 

“Having seemingly complex and impenetrable subjects (Boards, investment etc.) exploded so as to appear as common sense."

“It's still quite difficult to articulate the impact that Clore has had on me personally and professionally. It certainly was a life changing experience and I am trying to hold on to the courage and hope that I found there, and am slowly flexing my Clore muscles to support change and a significant culture shift in my organisation.”


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