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If your employee is offered a funded Fellowship the Clore Leadership Programme will invest the equivalent of around £45,000 in their development as a cultural leader, with support from our funders.

The benefits to employers include a refreshed, more skilled and more confident leader, with substantially enhanced knowledge and leadership skills and access to an improved network which can help strengthen the organisation. 

Employers of funded UK participants will be eligible to claim up to £15,000 as a contribution for the periods when they are away from work focusing on the Fellowship, on the condition that the organisation provides evidence that it will continue to pay the participant's salary and benefits throughout the Fellowship.

In addition, all participants receive funding for their individual learning programme, which includes mentoring, coaching, participation in group workshops and a tuition budget to cover secondment expenses, research costs, course fees and study visits.

You should expect the employee to be away from the workplace for a period of around 5 months as a condition of the Fellowship offer.

In some instances you may choose to part-fund/fund a Fellowship for one of your employees. If part-funding you will cover the costs of the Fellows' agreed salary, employer's National Insurance, any agreed pension contribution and other current benefits and entitlements throughout the course of the Fellowship and any back-fill within the organisation. In addition you will need to agree to pay the costs of the Fellowship including the training and development budget, a contribution to the core activities such as the residential courses, mentoring, coaching etc. and an admin fee to the Clore Leadership Programme. The application, selection process and structure of the Fellowships remain the same as for all Fellowships.

Do get in touch with us if you would like to discuss this option further.


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