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Bursaries for Emerging Leaders

Since September 2014 the Clore Leadership Programme has offered bursaries for its Courses, confirming its commitment to equality and diversity in cultural leadership. These bursaries are open to applicants who are resident in the UK.


We have introduced several types of bursary:

The Caring Support Fund:

  • intended for candidates with caring responsibilities, and who would incur additional costs by attending a residential programme. This includes but is not limited to caring for children or elderly parents
  • 5 awards per Course
  • up to £375 per week available for candidates with caring responsibilities, and who incur additional costs while away from home

To apply for an award you must upload a budget setting out estimated costs.  The budget can be uploaded within the course application form.

In taking decisions on who will be awarded caring bursaries, the Clore Leadership Programme will take into account:

  • The overall quality of the application
  • Evidence of need which indicates that you might have difficulty in meeting costs incurred by taking part in the course.  In the case of caring bursaries, this could include, for example that you are the sole carer or that you are working feelance and don't have a regular source of income.  These examples are indicative only, and we recognise that individual circumstances will vary.  If you are awarded a bursary, you may be required to provide proof of need.
  • The budget you submit which sets out the purpose for which the funds would be used.


The Independent Artist/Practitioner Award:

  • intended for artists and independent practitioners
  • one award per Course
  • 50% reduction to Course fee

To apply you simply tick the appropriate box within the application form and explain why you are a worthwhile candidate for the award.


Disabled Leaders Bursary

We actively encourage applications from disabled leaders as they are underrepresented in our Courses and the cultural sector at large.  

As our recent Scoping Survey indicated, cost is a key barrier to disabled people accessing leadership training, therefore the Clore Leadership Programme will waive the course fee for Disabled leaders from England who successfully secure a place on the Short Course or Emerging Leaders Course.  Successful participants will only be required to cover their travel to and from the course.  

What do we mean by disability?
The Equality Act 2010 defines a disabled person as someone who has a physical or mental impairment, and the impairment has a substantial and long-term adverse effect on their ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities.

Specialist Bursaries

The following specialist bursaries are available:




Funding for applicants based in Scotland

Creative Scotland is the national organisation supporting the arts, screen and creative industries in Scotland – providing funding as well as a broader influencing, advocacy and development role.

Individuals based in Scotland who are looking for funding to undertake any Clore training courses can consider making an application to Creative Scotland’s Open Project Fund. Applicants will need to meet the criteria for the fund, and will be required to submit their application with enough lead time to enable Creative Scotland to make a full assessment before their course begins (which generally means at least 8 weeks in advance). Please note that the Open Project Fund is highly competitive, and funding is not guaranteed – any application will be assessed against the key criteria.


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