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Online, Tuesday 7 February 2023.

Clore Leadership presents a Climate Assembly for Clore Fellows to consider the role of cultural leadership in taking action around climate and ecological emergency. Joining together with guest speakers presenting perspectives from their work and leadership, and Clore Fellows past and present, we will consider what individual and collective response from and between cultural leaders is needed.  

This session will also look ahead to a new collaborative programme working with the British Council where international collaboration around climate change between cultural sector leaders will be explored. 

Guest speakers confirmed: Farhana Yamin, lawyer, author and activist; Immy Kaur, Civic Square and Hilary Jennings, Transition Network; Ben Twist, Creative Carbon Scotland and Eduardo Carvalho, curator Brazil.

Captioning notes are provided for this session. Please provide information about access requirements you may have to support your attendance online.

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Register your interest for this free session, with youth-led social enterprise, Rising Arts Agency, running from 11:45 - 13:00 on Wednesday 8 February 2022 as part of Governance Now: Championing Communities at Midlands Arts Centre (MAC), Birmingham. 

In this session, youth-led social enterprise, Rising Arts Agency, will be exploring the radical potential of governance and why we need more young people, like you, as trustees. 

This session is for anyone under 30 who is not currently a trustee. Further information will be sent in due course.

Applications for the  Clore 19 Fellowships open in the New Year with a deadline of Thursday 23 February. 

Assessment of applications will take place between Friday 24 February and Monday 13 March 2023.  Please complete this short form to tell us about your availability to assess applications for this round, as well as any access requirements you have relating to assessment. 

Assessment will be made via the Clore Leadership applications system Assessor Dashboard. We are able to offer payment for assessment work of £30/hr. 

Two Zoom briefing sessions for assessors will be arranged, we'll let you know the date asap. 


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Richard Beecham
Richard is a Newcastle-born, London-based freelance theatre director, educator, facilitator, mentor and coach. Common to all his work is a deep interest in human psychology. He is passionate about creating spaces in which people can explore, discover and flourish, whether that be a rehearsal room, learning environment or coaching process. Richard is a Fellow and Associate Facilitator of Clore Leadership; an RD1st accredited coach; an Associate Artist of Wilton’s Music Hall in East London; a Trustee of Brixton House in South London; and a Listening Volunteer at Samaritans. Richard has a special interest in mentoring young and emerging theatre-makers.
Jo Walley
Jo is an energetic, curious, open-minded learning facilitator driven by a desire to help people develop. She supports others’ personal and professional development to empower them to lead a fulfilling life. She spent over ten years working in the library and information sector before moving to self-employment to focus her energy on learning development through coaching and training. She has delivered over 100 workshops, training sessions and webinars; facilitated four leadership development programmes and has over 150 hours of coaching experience. How the Fellowship impacted me: It began my journey to finding my authentic self, and living my life courageously. It has lead to me leading a much more fulfilling life in all areas. How I am using my skills for change: I have used what I have learnt to support other leaders through leadership development programmes (primarily for librarians at present), and developed my coaching skills to support others in one-to-one and group coaching.
Prince Laryea
My professional background touches music and dance as both a successful artist and senior organisational leader. I now work extensively with senior executive leaders and creatives across arts, culture and entertainment. Empathy is a powerful tool within coaching. Working with someone who has some experience of what you might be facing can make all the difference. Through powerful conversations and time-honoured coaching techniques, I empower individuals at every stage of their career with tools to tackle fear, doubt, apathy and confusion, inspiring courage, confidence, clarity and focus to unlock creative potential in order to take control of their situation and reach new heights in both their professional and private world.

Hi Team, I'm testing out my newly aquired CiviCRM and webform skills so have put together a little questionaire for you all to find out how good you are in the kitchen. 



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Clore Leadership is delighted to be developing a new Tees Valley focused leadership development programme from 2023- 2024. This programme is supported through funding from the Tees Valley Combined Authority Network and Sector Skills Development Challenge Fund and with the support of partner local authorities. 

Clore Leadership provide a range of dynamic and inclusive leadership development programmes for leaders and aspiring leaders in the arts, culture and creative sectors. For more information about our work visit

This new programme will explore the current and future challenges for the arts, cultural leadership and changemaking in the Tees Valley to inform a leadership development programme responsive to  regional need, to be delivered by Clore Leadership in partnership with artists and organisations in the region.

As part of our planning for the programme we are keen to understand the perspectives of those working in arts and culture in the Tees Valley. We’d love to hear more about who you are, your thoughts on leadership within the cultural sector in the Tees Valley, and what could make a difference to you as a cultural leader. 

Please take a few minutes to share your thoughts and ideas, and help us to shape opportunities in your area. Closing date 28 November, noon.  

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We are keen to understand the range of people and lived experiences of those completing this consultation survey. The following survey is for monitoring purposes only, you have the option to ‘Prefer not to say’ and any data that you share about yourself will used for the purposes of monitoring only, will be aggregated and anonymised and will help us understand how well we are doing in our aims to reach a diverse cross section of cultural sector leadership.
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Thank you for attending Leading Systemic Change Module 3. We are keen to hear more about your experience and explore how effective the programme has been for you. All answers will be treated in the strictest confidence. 

Coaching: When you have completed the evaluation, you will be taken to the booking page for the winter coaching session with Vyla or Kathryn - ensure you book with the coach you had in the summer (time slots are detailed on the booking page). If you have any issues please contact

The objectives of the residential were as follows:

  • Reflect on and share our progress (on current change challenges, selected experiments, conversations, and things we’ve tried)
  • Create opportunities to be expose to/experiment with the “U” and activities that support the 3 movements of the U (observe, presencing, prototyping)
  • Hear from leaders on their experience of change and showcase other examples (in regard to the three movements of the U)
  • Connect, reflect, dialogue, refine, re-plan (in small groups, home groups and plenary)
  • Acknowledging emotions that may exist (fear based blocks, frustrations, etc)
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