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Tender Opportunity: Digital Upgrade – Website Redevelopment

Clore Leadership is seeking to work with an experienced and dynamic digital agency to upgrade its digital capacity, centered around an update of its website and integrated CRM to improve usability, accessibility and security, and enhance its facility for integration with off-the-shelf platforms to deliver online learning.

Digital transformation is at the heart of our thinking and we have worked with Digital Strategy Consultancy Unthinkable Digital to develop a ‘Hub & Spoke’ model, placing the website at the hub of our work. We are now seeking the web development expertise to implement that strategy, building strong digital foundations, and effective solutions to improve the efficiency of our work and enhance the engagement experience for our learners and audiences.

Interviews will take place on 9th /10th May 2022.

Applications have now closed.

Should you have any questions about this brief, or seek further information, please contact Rebecca Usher: [email protected] 

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