Leadership Pulse: our residential modular course


Team Courses answers your questions about our modular residential course: Leadership Pulse.

What is Leadership Pulse?

Leadership Pulse is a dynamic modular course for cultural leaders seeking to sharpen their skills and knowledge in order to face head-on the challenges of 21st Century leadership. 

Who is it for?

We are looking for individuals with at least five years’ work experience in the arts, cultural and creative sectors who have an ambition to lead, are open to learning and committed to making a difference in the sector. You will already have some leadership experience but are ready to sharpen your existing skills and add to your toolkit.  We are looking for a diverse range of participants who will bring a breadth of experience to the course and animate the group learning. 

The course is supported by Arts Council England, so in order to be eligible for one of the subsidised places you must be working in England.   

How is it different to the existing Clore Courses offer?

The big difference lies in how the course is structured.  Leadership Pulse consists of three four-day residential workshops with Virtual Action Learning and coaching between modules.  Our existing courses (Leadership Intensive and Emerging Leaders) are two weeks or one week long.  In terms of approach to leadership development you can expect the usual Clore Leadership approach. Participants will learn from a diverse peer group and from the highly experienced leaders and trainers from across and beyond the cultural sector.  You will be supported to identify your strengths, your values and areas for further development, building upon your own way of leading currently and developing your capacity to lead well.  In terms of content, Leadership Pulse will cover the same areas of learning as the Leadership Intensive just over three mini residentials.

Leadership Pulse provides a flexible approach to leadership development and meets the needs of those who prefer or need more time and space to process their learning. It also meets the needs of previous applicants who requested a modular version of the Leadership Intensive so that they could better juggle freelance work or family commitments. 

Why should you apply?

If you find yourself unable to commit to the two-week Leadership Intensive then Leadership Pulse is ideal as it spreads the learning load and the time commitment for you and your employer. 

One of the things we most look forward to is the virtual learning between modules.  Between each residential module you will continue your learning and explore any challenges you are facing by participating in Virtual Action Learning sessions.  Each three hour virtual session will be hosted on Zoom (an online video conferencing platform) and facilitated by an experienced Action Learning facilitator.

Any other questions?

Get in touch by emailing courses@cloreleadership.org

Applications for Leadership Pulse will close at noon, Wednesday 30 October, 2019.