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8 Quick Questions with Zelda and Nadia

A warm welcome to Zelda Baveystock and Nadia Niesterowicz-Newstead, the new Partnerships and Engagement Manager and Communications Manager at Clore Leadership who joined the team in April 2019.

1. Where are you from? What brought you to Clore Leadership?

ZB: It depends who’s asking & when – a question that strikes at the heart of identity and belonging! I was born in London, have lived in Cambridge, Norwich, Birmingham and Liverpool, and am now settled in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. I’ve come to Clore Leadership on secondment from the National Lottery Heritage Fund, where I am Senior Investment Manager.

NNN: I grew up in Kent but have Italian and Polish heritage and now call our fantastic city of London home. I love that I can get amazing food from across the world on my doorstep

2. Favourite part of your working day?

ZB: Walking into the courtyard of Somerset House is pretty fabulous at the moment.

NNN: Ticking stuff off the to-do list, writing a ‘done’ list is even better! 

3. What do you do for Clore Leadership? How would you explain what you do to a 5-year-old? 

ZB: Partnerships and Engagement Manager. I try to get lots of different people to work together so that everyone is happy.

NNN: I’m the Communications Manager so have overall responsibility for all the marketing, PR and messaging output for the organisation. The 5-year-old friendly version is that I help to tell the stories of the people who make and take part in the work that Clore Leadership does so that more people can be a part of it. 

4. What is your biggest challenge at work so far?

ZB: As I’m on secondment from the National Lottery Heritage Fund, I’ve only got six months to make it all happen!

NNN: Being less than a month in, I’m still very much getting my feet under the desk and gaining an understanding of the inner workings of the organisation. However, I think the biggest comms challenge of any organisation with multiple strands is distilling what you do into one bite-size sentence! 

5. What gives you energy?

ZB: Seeing the leaves turn green and the spring lambs gambol. And coffee, of course.

NNN: Sunshine, creativity, good music, dancing. 

6. What makes you laugh?

ZB: Fleabag.

NNN: My sister, Victoria Wood, Fleabag, The Marvellous Mrs Maisel, James Acaster, Killing Eve, Friends, Derry Girls. 

7. A leader you admire?

ZB: They appear to be in short supply at the moment…

NNN: I think what Jude Kelly achieved at Southbank Centre during her time there was incredible and I’m so excited to see the development of the Women of the World Festival as a foundation. 

8. Favourite art form?

ZB: Film or theatre based on regularity of attendance. But I do love a well-curated contemporary art installation in a heritage setting.

NNN: I’m a big fan of all culture and definitely have my favourites in each category – my favourite museum is definitely the V&A and I’m a huge fan of heritage heavy weights the National Trust – but I’m a sucker for a standing ovation at a theatre show – makes me cry every time, even if I didn’t enjoy the show that much myself! 

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