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8 Quick Questions with Freya and Chiedza

A warm welcome to Freya Gosling and Chiedza Mhondoro, the new Administrator and Programmes Coordinator at Clore Leadership who joined the team in August 2019.

1. Where are you from? What brought you to Clore Leadership?

CM: I moved from Zimbabwe to London at 10. I then went to university in the north of England before living in France for 3 years, Italy for about 12 months over several years and Peru for 3 months. I have now settled back in London.

FG: I’m a Londoner born and bred and until now I was working in events management. I’ve just moved from the Science Museum but previously I worked at Somerset House, The O2 and the Royal College of Surgeons. Clore really stood out to me as the kind of organisation I wanted to work for instead of for corporate events. Plus it’s fab to be back at Somerset House!


2. Favourite part of your working day?

FG: I like late morning, just after the spike that the few coffees of the day bring as then I’m into the flow of the day.

CM: I’m a morning person so I seem to breeze through my tasks better in the first few hours of work. By lunchtime I’m on a buzz from having been so productive.  


3. What do you do for Clore Leadership? How would you explain what you do to a 5-year-old?

FG: I manage the Director’s diary, look after all office equipment and processes and I also support other teams on an ad hoc basis (if a 5-year-old knew what ad hoc was!).

CM: I coordinate course recruitment and delivery, events and other projects so I’d describe what I do as making sure everyone has everything they need.


4. What is your biggest challenge at work so far?

CM: Processing the instructions on all the different steps required in the recruitment process.

FG: Making sure I am managing Hilary’s time properly as she’s a very busy woman, and also getting to grips with our grants software.


5. What gives you energy?

FG: Communicating with a variety of interesting people, laughing, arts and culture, travelling, cooking, yoga and singing.

CM: Going abroad and spending a few days living at a different pace, seeing the world from different perspectives and eating good food.


6. What makes you laugh?

CM: Gogglebox.

FG: Fleabag, What We Do In The Shadows and Eddie Izzard.


7. A leader you admire?

CM: I have several but if I had to choose my top four, I’d say Michelle Obama, Meghan Markle, Jacinda Arden and Beyoncé. They each have incredible vision for their lives and how they can influence other lives for the better. And they also use their platforms in fresh creative ways.

FG: Jude Kelly, former Artistic Director of the Southbank Centre and Founder of the Women of the World Festival which is my favourite festival of the year. I also greatly admire Esther Perel, a Belgian psychotherapist who created the Where Should We Begin podcast.


8. Favourite art form?

CM: I love visual art – paintings, sculpture, video art, design…

FG: Theatre and visual art are my top with painting and photography first.

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