Steering the ship - Prioritising the Future-thinking Role of the Board

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During times of crisis many of us are inevitably pulled into fire-fighting tasks and short-term operational work. No more so than in the times of Covid-19.

But what about the role of the Board as overseers, future-thinkers and longer-term strategists?

Here in the UK we are now a couple of months into the crisis period, and whilst the initial shock and ramifications are still being felt, the longer term ripple effects loom large...


Who its for

This webinar is for CGA Members wanting to explore how best to help their Board fulfil its role in prioritising oversight and longer term thinking as we navigate our way through the challenges presented by Covid-19.


The panelists

Keith Arrowsmith, Governance Associate at Clore Leadership and Trustee at CC Skills and the Children's Media Conference
Prue Skene CBE, Chair of Cardboard Citizens and Lead Governance Associate at Clore Leadership
Althea Efunshile CBE, Chair of Ballet Black
Louise Mitchell, Chief Executive at Bristol Music Trust