Brilliant Routes: Well Fed - The Edible Front Line

This event is no longer open for registration.
Registration for this event is now closed. 

The Space To Come brings Well Fed, its’ curated conversation dinner event to Brilliant Routes.

This special event will bring Black, Asian and ethnically diverse leaders and white leaders together for transformative conversations around race, identity and change and to build networks across boundaries. Well Fed is a simple concept – strangers come together to share a meal, enriched conversations via a curated conversation menu and take an action back into the world. Each event offers a chance for people to connect in intimate ways with others they would not normally meet. Expertly facilitated, each event is an opportunity to practise the art of listening and sharing. Participants experience how each conversation holds the potential for personal and collective transformation.

Well Fed: The Edible Front Line seeks to continue the conversation begun during the Brilliant Routes Holding Space / Creating Space workshops which took place a year ago although you can participate if you did not attend each of those workshops. The experience seeks to further prepare leaders for the robust and expansive conversations needed to sustain cultural change by creating an environment designed for new conversations and co-supportive relationships. The experience will include two unique workshops to prepare 8 Black, Asian and ethnically diverse and 8 white leaders to hold the space for the conversation and to co-curate a conversation menu. The main event will be a joint at-home dinner set around the conversation menu, where leaders get a chance to meet, connect and explore change together.

If you are interested,  please fill in this short Expression of Interest form by Thursday 10 June. We will then go through a selection process and notify you via email should you be selected.

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Price: Pay what you Decide (minimum £10, suggested amount £30)
Dates: 1-8 July 2021 

  • Well Fed Workshops: 1 & 2 July, 11am-1.15pm - Gaylene Gould will lead workshops which explore ways to hold expansive conversations across cultural boundaries while remaining open, curious, generous and energised. This is a crucial skill for Black, Asian and ethnically diverse leaders and, particularly, white leaders as without it, the sector will continue to avoid the depth of conversation needed to create a lasting cultural shift. During the workshop each group will curate questions that will go on to shape a conversation menu that will be drawn from during the Well Fed dinner.
    • Holding Space: A space for Black Asian and ethnically diverse to reflect on their own ways to minimise exhaustion during conversations around race while remaining open and curious. We will explore pre- and post- conversation care, self-compassion, play and grounding practices.
    • Creating Space: This workshop will allow white leaders to practice how to remain present during conversations around race, culture and change . We will focus on remaining courageous, grounded, open and meeting discomfort with curiosity.
  • Well Fed: Connecting Chat: 5-7 July - Participants from both workshops will be partnered and encouraged to meet for a connecting chat. This will give people a chance to meet and practise having a more intimate 1-1 conversation with a stranger. Participants are encouraged to ask deeper questions than they might normally.
  • Well Fed - The Edible Front Line: 8 July, 6-8pm - The main event will involve both Black, Asian and ethnically diverse and white participants meeting for a dinner which will be delivered to their homes.