Katie Ann Smith

Head of Museums for the Metropolitan Police and Museum, Heritage and Arts Consultant, Clore Emerging Leaders 4 Co-hort, Co-Chair Attitude is Everything, Founding Member Culture Now and passionate woodworker in my spare time. Interested in governance, leadership and access.

How the Clore course impacted me

Taking part in the Emerging Leaders Course at such a crucial point in my early career gave me the confidence to think big, make a difference in what I do and really understand my values, strengths and weaknesses. It gave me a profound understanding of the value of authentic leadership, something which I embed across all of my work and set me on a trajectory to pursue my passions and inspire others to do the same.

How I am using my skills for change

Clore gave me a real sense of purpose and an understanding of what I can bring to organisations. Now I work for myself, I bring this confidence in my decision making to help organisations overcome barriers, identify their purpose and become resilient and sustainable - never shying away from having to have those difficult conversations. I also gained a new found appreciation for trusting my 'gut' instinct, and encourage my team and people I work with to listen to and understand their inner voice, take risks and thoroughly embrace being in their stretch zone!