Verity Anthony

I am currently Assistant Director (Collections and Operations) at Bodmin Keep: Cornwall's Army Museum. Essentially I look after all the front of house, retail, museum collections and operations (and associated volunteers and staff). As part of Cornwall Museum Partnerships NPO for Cornwall, increased funding has meant extra staff and extra projects, a fantastic opportunity to work with a wider range of audiences and groups than we previously had the capacity for.
Having obtained degrees in Archaeology and then Museum Studies, I worked as an Archivist for Museum of London Archaeology, before embarking on my museum career. I worked in collections roles at the Museum of London then The Roman Baths, before moving to my current organisation in 2016, being promoted to Assistant Director in 2021. I am a lay trustee for Lawrence House Museum and am an Arts Council Accreditation Mentor.

How the Clore course impacted me

It allowed me to assess what my priorities were, for myself and my organisation, so that I could best deliver the outputs of my role, which led to a change in the way I work as well as what work I do. It made me recognise that though I don't always feel like a leader, there are always situations that can remind you of your strengths in leadership. Most of all it reminded me of the love I have for arts and culture, and why I am in the role I am in, and want to be the best leader I can be.

How I am using my skills for change

Having undertaken the Clore Short Course in Nov/Dec 2018, I am taking time to work through the myriad of topics covered, to be better able to use them when needed. I have though, also actively been using my Clore Leadership Skills. The first and biggest use of my Clore Leadership skills, has been learning to say no. This has had a huge impact on my role, as not only have I given up responsibility for one area (which allowed me to better focus on others and myself), but I have also been able to better manage people's expectations. By diarising my time, and taking myself away to work, I have been much more productive and less stressed.