Nick Adams

Cultural policy and communications professional with wide range of experience of policy development, organisational strategy, external affairs, corporate communications, speechwriting, crisis communications and stakeholder engagement.

How the Clore course impacted me

Undertaking the Clore Short Course has given me a much greater understanding of how to motivate and work with colleagues, enabling me to adapt my leadership style in recognition of different personality types. The course also made me appreciate where my career interests lie, giving me a much greater focus on policy and strategy development, which I've increasingly incorporated into my Barbican role.

How I am using my skills for change

I've used the skills I developed on the course to undertake a number of major strategic projects that have enabled the Barbican to change how it works and help set the strategic direction of the organisation. This includes the development of the organisation's first ethics policy, leading the development and implementation of its International Strategy and be more responsive to a wide range of Government and arts sector initiatives.