Naomi Kashiwagi

Naomi Kashiwagi is an award-winning artist, independent creative producer and musician. She has exhibited and performed across the UK and internationally. As an artist Naomi produces sound works, visual works, installations and performances that draw upon her dual heritage, an intrinsic fusion of two cultures, British and Japanese. Her multi-disciplinary art practice playfully provokes the intersections and impacts of visual art, music and technology upon one another and she explores the cyclical nature of obsolescence and technological innovation.

As an independent creative producer, Naomi instigates or leads on events in partnership with arts, science and cultural organisations and collaborates with musicians and artists to deliver ambitious, imaginative and interdisciplinary events that illuminate ways of seeing and experiencing the arts, culture, culture, learning and everyday life with new and refreshing vision.

Naomi is interested in paradoxically catalysing liminal experiences by momentarily suspending everyday social and cultural behaviours to create positive moments that punctuate daily life.

The arts have the potential to reveal that the everyday can be reinvented and that the ordinary is usually extraordinary and that the extraordinary can become part of or intervene and wonderfully interrupt everyday life. - Naomi Kashiwagi

(quote from “what can art do” that was selected by Arts Council England to be included in their 10 year vision, Great Art for Everyone and also in their 10 year strategic framework Great Art and Culture for Everyone 2010 - 2020.’ This quote was also cited in the European Policy document, TILLTEUROPE: Creative Clash: Transforming Organisations with the Arts: Artistic Interventions to stimulate innovation, sustainability and inclusivity (2011)