Sophie Appleby

I'm a not-for-profit communications specialist currently working in a music charity. Past jobs include roles at a museum/library/archive of women's history and a government architecture body. I'm particularly interested in the personal and social impacts of creating/experiencing all different kinds of culture, and in campaigning for more equitable and representative workforce. I'm primarily a writer and editor, but in recent years I've got increasingly into business planning and strategy. I'm also keen on some of the (perhaps drier!) areas of governance - policy, GDPR, legal compliance, recruitment etc.

I grew up in the countryside and am very happy to live in the city! I spend most of my spare time over-analysing chart pop music, discussing podcasts, reading books by women, going to the cinema on my own, visiting breweries in sheds and railway arches, watching TV series aimed at teenagers, and spotting London wildlife. I'm also writing a novel about teenage girls in the late 1990s.

How the Clore course impacted me

My Clore Leadership Short Course in November 2017 has had a huge and lasting impact on me! Most importantly I think was getting a support group of 25 friends who are always at the end of a WhatsApp chat. It's helped me to blur the lines between work and personal stuff, which I kept very separate before.

Before the Clore course I always felt like there were people who were 'leaders', and that those people weren't like me (instead I pictured Apprentice candidate types who enjoyed firing people, with neat clothes and hair and fewer squirrel necklaces). Clore helped me to see that I already do lead in a number of ways, and that I don't need to change into someone completely different to progress in my career. So it's made me more ambitious I think.

How I am using my skills for change

I'm increasingly taking opportunities to support younger women to enter the workforce, and to share my experience and contacts in any way that I can. Two of these opportunities came through Clore friends, and I'm always open to doing more!