Louise Ainley

I lead on the degree programmes at Central School of Ballet which delivers dance training for students making the transition into professional work as dancers.
The Clore Leadership Programme gave me the courage in 2011 to write and get validated an MA Choreography programme which has since delivered professional development to choreographers who have gone on to expand their careers, contribute to the dance industry and forge leaderships roles in organisations and dance companies in the UK and beyond.

How the Clore course impacted me

Following on from the Clore Leadership programme I trained to be a personal and professional life coach. The skills I learnt transformed my work pattern and helped me to set challenging and achievable future goals. I found the course helped me to reach for better aspirations, not only for myself, by my work colleagues and the students I work closely with as part of my day to day role. It gave me a structure for how to reflect on my own practice and inspire others to succeed.

How I am using my skills for change

Many people including myself have limiting beliefs. Once you have a process to deal with these, the horizon opens up and new possibilies become attainable. Learning not to be afraid of failure was a skill I leant which changes how I approach my own work, but also how I inspire the colleagues and students in my work place to dare to risk beyond what they think they can achieve.