Fiona Wotton

I am a creative producer, strategist and researcher with skills in funding, diversifying income streams, project management, network building, event production and impact evaluation.

My most recent role has been Director at Cornwall 365 - a complex project which brings together the tourism industry with the cultural and creative industries to promote Cornwall as a year round destination for the arts. The project is a strategic partnership of cultural organisations, tourism businesses of all shapes and sizes, artists, performers, writers, politicians, educators and community activists. My challenge as a leader has been balancing a clear vision and direction with giving these different groups genuine opportunities to contribute ideas and benefit from the ensuing activities we plan. I regularly draw on my background as a fundraiser and marketing specialist for arts and education organisations. In past roles I set up the Development teams for Tate St Ives and the University of East London and oversaw major capital fundraising campaigns.

Prior to founding Cornwall 365 I undertook a PhD at the University of Exeter. My research used complex systems theory to understand the dynamics of community sustainability. I used the Look Group network - a series of adult informal learning groups who talk about visual art - as my case study.