Ruth Montgomery

Ruth Montgomery is a professional musician, teacher, workshop facilitator and visionary artist. As a classical trained musician with a passion for modern works, she also explores art, sign language, and visual media within the Deaf Community and features them in her current project titled Audiovisability. As a result this has led her to secure a place on the Clore Leadership Fellowship programme in 2018 – 2019. Ruth plays the flute as her main instrument.

How the Fellowship impacted me

The two week residential saw me building confidence, knowledge and good networking with my cohorts. I am looking to gain more skills in leadership as well as business management, the Clore Leadership Fellowship is also a very supportive environment.

How I am using my skills for change

The digital revolution is evolving rapidly, and I wish to embrace this movement and integrate this more in my work. The digital landscape has improved many lives for deaf and disabled people - with access and creativity. I wish to empower myself with knowledge and skills to be able to share and work with professional artists in this part of our growing thread. As a professional musician with deafness since birth I also wish to increase better awareness and understanding of what music really is - it goes beyond the auditory too.