Suzie Cross

Suzie Cross is a creative producer, consultant and Clore Fellow. Suzie specialises in developing engaging artworks and programmes that utilise creative interventions to engender critical thinking in audiences and participants. She works collaboratively across artforms predominantly music, digital and light art, visual arts, dance, as well as multi-disciplinary arts. Her work often takes place in the public domain, regularly including digital and immersive installations and experiences; environmentally focused artworks in nature; and arts and science collaborations.

Suzie is currently Artistic Director of the Land Lines Research Project at the University of Leeds exploring creative engagement as a tool to foster conservation and appreciation for our natural world., with partners including Natural England. Her film _Newland: New Vision for a Wilder Future_ won the Best Climate Emergency Film 2021 at the Arts and Humanities research Council’s Research In Film Awards.

Her freelance work includes coordinator of Synthfest for Sound on Sound; producing artist on a number of artworks and projects, including the light piece Enlighten, The Frozen Music Collective and various exploratory sonic artworks.