Federico Bonelli

Federico was born in Italy where he studied ballet at the Turin Dance Academy under the supervision of Italian and Cuban teachers.

He is currently a Principal Dancer with The Royal Ballet of London where he had a successful career at the highest level, dancing the company’s principal roles, collaborating with many leading choreographers, featuring in several recorded performances by the company, and experiencing a variety of styles of ballet and dance.

In addition to The Royal Ballet, he has danced with Dutch National Ballet and the Zurich Ballet, as well as guesting as a Principal Dancer with many leading companies around the world.

In 2019 Federico graduated from the Clore Leadership Programme (The Clore Fellowship).

In 2020 he curated the programme for a mixed bill performance of The Royal Ballet in Doncaster England and has worked as a ballet master contributing to nurture and develop the high standards of the company’s dancers.
Federico also co-facilitates The Royal Ballet’s Inclusivity Focus Group, a process that brings together dancers and management of the company to discuss all areas of Diversity and Inclusion, with the aim to influence strategic and operational decisions at The Royal Ballet.

Federico is a non-executive director and member of the Board of Parents and Carers in Performing Arts (PiPA), an Arts Council supported charity that promotes an arts sector that is inclusive of the parent and carer workforce.
Furthermore, he is a member of the external Steering Group of Chance to Dance, The Royal Ballet’s outreach talent development programme that aims to remove the barriers to a diverse talent pipeline into vocational training and the ballet and dance profession.

Federico is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC).

How the Fellowship impacted me

The biggest impact the Fellowship had on me was the result of the amazing cohort of fellows I got to know. They are a truly amazing group of people that has thought me so much.

How I am using my skills for change

Clore gave me the courage and the tools to work for a more inclusive ballet sector, working collaboratively with many other people in and out of my field that share my ambition.