Petra Abbam

I am Publications Editor for the BBC Proms, the world’s largest classical music festival, as well as the BBC’s Orchestras and Choirs. I am responsible for managing their publishing operation, including editorial, production, design, sales and distribution, as well as projects for BBC Radio 3. My previous production experience has included roles at Dreamspinner Press, the British Institute of Radiology and Prepress Projects. I am also a volunteer official with England Athletics and a mentor for Media Trust.

How the Fellowship impacted me

The Clore Fellowship changed the way I see my place in the world. It showed that I could make more of a difference than I previously thought and it gave me the confidence to raise my voice. Instead of an onlooker, I became a participator.

How I am using my skills for change

I am using my passion and conviction about the things that are core to me and bringing that into every aspect of my work. Inclusion and diversity are important to me and I am wearing that with pride. I am ensuring that everything I do has equality and fairness at the heart and through meetings, seminars, working groups, I am looking at how this can be developed in the BBC Proms.