Ramaa Sharma

Currently, I am the Editor Digital Pilots in BBC News. In this role my mandate is to drive change and innovation. My team's approach is creative and collaborative and strives to win hearts and minds. We help BBC editors and their teams to meet the biggest challenges of our time; meeting the needs of the BBC's diverse audiences as well as rapid developments in technology.

In addition to running 'digital transformation' pilots we also test new approaches. This year providing a pair of journalists with coding skills to see what they can pioneer.

I am also deeply interested in how storytelling can enable tangible social change. We have had some experience and success in this area as well recently, I am now looking forward to see how I can explore this are further.

For further information and examples on all of the above - please do not hesitate to get in touch.

How the Fellowship impacted me

Just begun Clore fellow 2018-19